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We met Nicole Grams at the event “Nature Women Enterprise to Expo 2015” inside SpazioAsti in Milan, November 2014. We were struck by the impetus in recounting herself and her creations which, after a first glance, perhaps fleeting, capture the visitor’s attention, igniting curiosity and the need to be told a story: her own.

Not a single word has been changed. The impetuous flow of her words comes from the love and passion that Nicole puts in her creations.

“Six years ago I started to get close to the pottery moved by curiosity, after various jobs I decided to return to my first passion: art. My artistic studies helped me a lot. The pottery was a material I had studied but have never worked it.
I attended a course in Bollate, near Milan, and stayed there with them for two years. I continued to study and I wanted to learn more. So, in the basement of my house I prepared my laboratory, the Batcave! “.

In collaboration with several studios, Nicole has learned working the stoneware, the paper clay (it’s a method of manufacturing ceramics that includes the addition of cellulose in the dough before baking,  ed) and porcelain.

“I had so much to say so I wrote it on my pieces. The terracotta is like a canvas for a painter, and what I feel I cannot say, so I let others say it with songs, sentences, excerpts of poems. They are created with a variety of mathematical calculations, but without using a computer or a program: a calculator, a pencil and many erasers! So I created unique pieces where the words are encouraging, an obsessive mantra that clarifies thoughts.
I love ceramics, I love the people who make pottery. It ‘a world of dreams, desires, sacrifices, joys and disasters, not everything comes out perfect from the oven, sometimes just a tiny air bubble is enough to break off a piece. You get angry and redo it, but when it gets like you wanted…! Yes! Perfect!
Pottery is my life, it’s what I would like to do, it’s what I do! ”

The artist

Nicole Grams

Nicole Grams

The artist Nicole Grams was born in Milan in 1976.

She graduated from the Institute Beato Angelico in Milan, with diploma of Master of Arts and high-school degree of applied arts.

She collaborated with a pottery workshop in Bollate, curating the artistic side.

In 2011 she attended the event “Open Gates” in Nove (VC) where she won the award for “Gate of Excellence”. During the same year she moved to another laboratory and begins to experience high temperatures with stoneware.

In 2012 she was selected among the finalists of the “8th International Exhibition of Albissola Town ‘of art and ceramics” (GE), with the work “The material power of words.”

Between late 2012 and March 2013 she was selected to participate in “Affortable Art Fair” in Rome and Milan, with the Garaventa Foundation of Genoa, with which she also exhibited in collective at the old Stock Exchange building in Genoa and at the Castle of Nervi for a 200-artists collective, “Show me …”.

In 2013 she came into contact with the Civita company , which deals with museums bookshops, so that some pieces are on display and for sale at: “Art Italy” in Piazza della Scala in Milan, and Royal Villa of Monza (MB).
She participated twice in the “Space Asti” gallery near the National Theatre in Milan.
During “FuoriSalone 2013” she exhibits at the store AR3 in Foro Bonaparte in Milan with “Earthly Thoughts”

In 2014 she participated in “Face’s Art” event by Mary Sperti in Jesi (AN) and she was admitted as a finalist of the “IX International Exhibition of Albissola Art Cities and Ceramics”.
In September, she was selected from Farini Gallery of Bologna, to exhibit at Palazzo Fantuzzi, with review of Aldo Grasso.
In November, at Space Asti – Milan, she participated in “Nature Woman Enterprise to Expo 2015” with a review of the online journal “Women in Business”.

2015 is all to be written!

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Gabriella Steffanini

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