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Alessandro Mendini compared him to Giorgio Strehler. Because of character, energy, the driving and explosive force with which he conducted his business and the creative work of every designer.

The personality of Aurelio Zanotta, his thoughts, his choices, have profoundly marked the history of design. With the book “Design: 101 Zanotta stories* published by Silvana Editoriale, the design reviewer Beppe Finessi and graphic designer Leonardo Sonnoli, have synthesized the path, almost reading it against the light, through the most significant products of the company.

The book – presented last November 24 in the Agora of the Milan Triennale – is a dictionary of “stories”, or rather a story “collective” which was contributed many authors. It is also the portrait of a businessman who did all this just armed himself by the sacred fire and infinite passion, and hard work. Furthermore by the clear awareness that we should never neglect the goal of making culture, primary like the profit, because only this will continuously feed in the right way one’s own future actions and ambitions, through a virtuous circle. Thoughts – Beppe Finessi continues in the preface – that in sixty years had brought to 550 projects with 120 different designers, and especially to nearly 100 objects awarded and placed in design museums around the world. ”

Design_101 Zanotta stories

Design_101 Zanotta stories

As pointed out by the architect Marco Romanelli – spoke during the presentation – “The one of Zanotta is a catalogue done in discontinuity and abundance of proposals. Only someone like Aurelio Zanotta could do this, paying tribute not only to the ”load-bearing parts”, to furniture par excellence, but also to those pieces often forgotten by the current production, these beautiful and useful accessories that make up the fabric of the domestic landscape.”

Far from being exhaustive, “Design: 101 Zanotta stories” outlines, from A to Z, 101 thoughts on many more projects. You can discover features, peculiarities and horizons of objects entered into production during the last sixty years, including the best sellers. A smart book, that “scratches” the surface of things, highlighting the genesis, technical complexity, and the historical context.

The portrait of a company always in tune with the present, and Eleonora, Francesca and Marta Zanotta carry on with the same energy, passion and vision of their father.

* Design: 101 Zanotta stories – written by Beppe Finessi and designed by Leonardo Sonnoli – The book is published in two languages, Italian / English. Ed. Silvana Editoriale

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