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“No man will make you feel protected and safe as a cashmere coat and a pair of glasses” (Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel)

Maybe it’s because we share the same name. Maybe because we were born the same day, and that to me is the most elegant and eclectic fashion designer of the twentieth century … in any case, whatever the motivation and the nature of our relationship is, I fully agree with her mindset. I wear glasses (and perhaps I had already told it in another post) since I was seventeen. Over time, riding the oscillations of taste and fashion, I changed a lot of frames, and sunglasses, daring without distorting myself. This accessory is by now a part of my being, an appendix that I can’t do absolutely less!

The partnership between Alcantara – a company founded in 1972, known around the world for the homonym material – and Italia Independent – a creative and stylish brand in fashion and design – both worldwide icons of the Made in Italy for tradition and innovation – has created a capsule collection of sunglasses, made up of three variants. Trendy patterns and warm colors characterize the three creations.

The three-dimensional padding of the first model is inspired by the veins of leaves. The smoky blue lenses complete and harmonize with the pale beige of Alcantara®. In relief and enhanced by embossing, the pattern of the second pair of glasses, reminiscence of the surface of the stone. The blue rims coordinate with the temple tips and create a nice contrast with the silver of the mirrored lenses. The third variant has a herringbone geometry and classic textures. The silver mirrored lenses are a counterpoint to the warm shades of gray lining in Alcantara®.

The collection was presented in Milan, on the occasion of the men’s fashion week. Since the end of June you can buy glasses in the boutique and on the e-commerce platform of Italia Independent as well as at the best optical stores worldwide.

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Gabriella Steffanini

Gabriella Steffanini

Cresciuta professionalmente nel mondo dell’editoria e della comunicazione, oggi, con il progetto Fourexcellences, ha concretizzato un sogno. Attrice per hobby, yogi nell’anima e sportiva per vocazione, è un mix di caos, silenzio, musica, generosità, amore, amicizia, favole, vecchio, moderno, tablet, pc, libri e parole, parole, parole… Cosa saremmo senza? Si occupa di marketing e di digital web. Having grown professionally in the editorial and communication world, today with Fourexcellences, she has realized a dream. Performing as an actress as a hobby, a yogi in her soul, and an athlete by vocation, it’s a mix of chaos, silence, music, generosity, love, friendship, fairy tales, old, new, tablet, pc, books and words, words, words….What would we be without them? Gabriella Stefanini works in web marketing.

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