Legnomagia: Tales in the kitchen

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Bianca Susanna, architect, is one of the founding partner of Legnomagia.

It’s a lot of time we know each other, Bianca and me, and the thing I most appreciate in this charming woman is the passion and the brightness you can see in her eyes when she talks about her last innovation or her last new line of production.

Animals which become clocks, roll holders which become penguins in the kitchen, chopping boards which become animals, fish or vegetables with a little bit of magic…Things we use every day which find personality and we can can play with them.

Company was born in Umbria, the green heart of Italy. Umbria is a Region which safeguards environment, which develops and protects territory to give to its citizens a more healthy life.

Wildlife and environmental sustainability walk together.


Arch. Bianca Susanna

Company follows the same environmental policy: we can understand that on the articles it produces, realized in solid wood with glass, ceramic, wool felt, cork, steel…all artistic object , projected with eco-friendly purpose, respecting environment.
Keeping its style and know-how, Legnomagia realizes prototypes and models, on request too.

A world of accessories designed, projected and spread for living, kitchen, table and kids furniture.

In 2013 Wood&Food line finds a new and more clear identity , dedicated to service table in public and private.

At home or in restaurant, food must be handled with design. Solid wood is for Legnomagia an irreplaceable friend for everyday life.

Common denominators for all the object created by Legnomagia are: quality, art and task. Features that can become: pleasure, harmony and sustainability. It is possible to give a little bit of poetry to everyday life.

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