Leggi in Italiano

  The Narrative Voice of “Made in Italy”

FourExcellences is an editorial platform dedicated to four most acknowledged Italian excellences: Architecture, Fashion, Cooking and Art places. Worldwide, these are the most celebrated expressions of “Made in Italy” and of our creativity and historic heritage which makes us unique.

Our trademarks, products, and services represent our public image. They are the true expressions of our trade, driven by relentless and talented people whose intuitions, experiences and enthusiasm are at the basis of their each and every project. Their tenacity leads them towards ever more exciting new challenges. Their “visions” point to new and unknown territories, expand the limits of our senses, stimulate our thirst of knowledge and adventure. Their “stories” make the future happen.

FourExcellences gives a voice to all these “stories”, in the shape of narrations, interviews, pictures, videos and events. It is more than just information,  it is an opportunity to make our values, traditions, innovations and perception of the future  transparent,  permeable and alive. It is an emotional megaphone, an expansion of our view, the ever expanding horizon of possibilities creating new ways of more intense and exciting ways of communication.

FourExcellence is at its debut on line. Our published contents will be first of all immediately available on the editorial platform and then they will be distributed through newsletters and e-books. In the meantime we are working on expanding our presence on social networks with in-depth analyses and special initiatives. But there is more.

Beyond the perimeter of our desktops there is the desire to bring people closer to each other, to turn virtual relationships into real relationships and virtual dialogue into real meetings. To create a place where entrepreneurs, freelancers and our general public can get to know each other and introduce themselves. To give the opportunity to make exciting encounters where dialogue gives life to new personal and professional “stories”. To generate incubators of new ideas, projects and products, places where people can exchange their ideas, listen interactively, and perhaps take the first steps towards longlasting relations and business collaborations.

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