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Even the olive tree at the entrance of the Natuzzi stand, during the last edition of “Salone del Mobile” in Milan, expressed the essence and values of this Italian company: solidity, roots firmly planted in the ground, branches reaching to the sky to embrace the world, fruits from which a delicious dressing is extracted. A powerful symbol of peace and love, harmony and beauty, and the evocation of an imaginary linked to landscapes, colors and scents of the Mediterranean.

Harmony Maker, “to make” harmony, believing in it and producing it is the commitment of Natuzzi Italy and the claim of the new campaign. With 56 years of history, eight manufacturing plants, 12 sales offices and more than 1,150 stores worldwide, the company confirmed that the brand “Italy” is still a spendable currency on international markets, seduced by a total home collection where chairs, sofas and beds are coordinated with furniture, lamps, accessories and wall units.

 Sofa Dorian. Design architects Manzoni and Tapinassi.

Sofa Dorian. Design architects Manzoni and Tapinassi.

The harmony between form and function, materials and colors, including industrial production and craftsmanship draws a sober and welcoming domestic landscape. An idea of beauty that has found a place within the manor farms in Puglia, the set of the new campaign, reflecting a dialogue and a continuity between past and present.

In fact, it is precisely here, in Santeramo in Colle, near Bari, that since 1959 the heart of productive and strategic analysis of Natuzzi beats. A land from which the the complany draws strength and inspiration, an unavoidable element to understand the essence and soul which identifies the brand.

The creative idea, developed by GreyUnited and coordinated by the Natuzzi’s media center, reveals the historical and geographical roots of the company, and affirms the value and quality by settling the collections within an architectural heritage of inestimable value.

A way to tell once again Italy and the Made in Italy
identifying them with the “Big Beauty” that the world recognizes us and envy us.

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